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Review of the Week

Well what a week it has been, it started with a demand the SOMETHING be done about porn, and ended with demands twitter be turned into a garden party for the twitterati.

My fellow traveller here wrote brilliantly of the problems with the porn block, problems so obvious a child can see them. Elsewhere I was blocked by my phone by reading most postings on the subject, a delicious piece of irony that would be amusing if it wasn’t a sign of the dissent free Daily Mail approved internet those pushing the porn block want.

Stavvers was her normal far seeing self, when I got access to her, clearly vodaphone think feminism and rage is something that children need protecting from. Which of course is at the heart of the problem. Those who would ban everything “for the sake of the children” never seem to consider they are the worst judges of how to bring up kids with an understanding of informed consent and a non prurient non shaming attitude to sex.

The Ministry Of Truth showed just how ignorant of teh interwebz those who want porn blocking are, and put me in the unique situation of siding with Paul Staines….stopped clock and all that.

This thought-provoking post from Freedom in a Puritan Age goes to the heart of the rape born ban. We are in a new puritan age where the junior anti sex league believe the fantasy is a bad as the act, and where they hope to control our very thoughts and desires.

All that needed to be said about the idea more censorship on twitter will make everything “nice” was said by Dr Brooke Magnanti in her column today. It is interesting to note that those who support the porn block to a person support the report button, cracking down on freedom of speech being second nature to them.

So all in all for those of us who believe grown ups should be treated as grown ups it hasn’t been that great a week, and as the coalition of feminists and the religious right seems to have the ear of government who knows what will be next in their sights.

On the plus side via Moronwatch we have this and I have the pleasure of knowing  a little of the mind that produced this beautiful meditation on listening, and writing. 




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