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SWerfs/Terfs, the Westboro Baptist Church of feminism.

It often seems to be claimed that it is OK to support some of what radfems are doing, and simply ignore the bigotry and hate, that is not good enough, total exclusion, protest and opposition is the only acceptable reply to them

everyday whorephobia

Swerf = sex work exclusionary radical feminist Terf =trans* exclusionary radical feminist. They go hand in hand.

The loudest non religious voices opposed to sex workers rights, Bindel and Burchill in the UK, Dworkin, Brennan, Farley, among others, describe themselves as radical feminists.  I leave the argument of whether they are feminists to others, it’s the radical that intrigues me. Since the 1960s a certain cachet has been given to groups who are counter cultural, linkages are made between organisations who stand against the dominant narrative of western capitalism and heteronormative values. This was seen in the Occupy camps, where many disparate groups with different reasons for existing were united far more by what they opposed than by what they supported. We cannot escape history, and as the third generation since the 1960s takes to the streets we have absorbed ideas about how “radical” groups look, sound, behave.

The fact is though radical…

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