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Lolita was a work of fiction, you fucknugget

So I was hoping to write a post about how I discovered my sexuality as a teenager, how I thought I was gay, then discovered I was bi. That’s the thing about teenagers, they often want sex, they have sexual desires (assuming they are not asexual) and they are just discovering their own bodies, never mind the bodies of others and how they can intersect. Then this appeared on my timeline.

It is worth quoting in full for the full horror of the judge’s words.

YORK A judge allowed a paedophile to walk free today (Mon) after his 13-year-old victim was described as a ‘sexual predator’ in court. Judge Nigel Peters told Neil Wilson, 41, he had also taken account the fact the child looked older. Prosecutor Robert Colover, told the judge: ‘The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.’ Wilson lured the teenager to his home in Romford, Essex, where he watched her strip out of her school uniform before she performed a sex act on him. The abuse did not come to light until the girl confided in a friend who then told police. During a search of Wilson’s home officers also uncovered a stash of vile images and videos depicting child abuse and bestiality. He pleaded guilty to two counts of making extreme pornographic images and one count of sexual activity with a child and was handed a suspended sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court. Judge Peters told him: ‘You have come as close to prison as is imaginable. ‘I have taken in to account that even though the girl was 13, the prosecution say she looked and behaved a little bit older. ‘You knew she was not nearly 16 as she said and your plea of guilty recognises that you knew. ‘Allowing her to visit your home is something we have to clamp down on and in normal circumstances that would mean a significant term in prison. ‘On these facts, the girl was predatory and was egging you on. ‘That is no defence when dealing with children but I am prepared to impose a suspension.’

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Lets break down all of the accusations aimed at this child, who was the victim here although the court does not seem to have understood or accepted that.

“The child looked older” Is this a defence now? Someone looks a certain way so it is OK to sexual assault them? Is this not exactly the same as saying well I thought they wanted sex? In the UK we are supposed to have a law that demands explicit consent. Someone who is drunk or under the influence of drugs is presumed not to be able to consent. It is not enough to say that you thought they wanted to. How is it any different to say you thought someone was a certain age?

This goes into ideas about acceptable behaviour and only “good girls” mattering and is made even more explicit by the prosecutor. Yes, you read that right, the people who were meant to be prosecuting Wilson instead attacked his victim saying  “The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.’

OH MY GOD she was sexually experienced! Well that is obviously totally relevant. Girls are evil you know, they go round luring men into having sex with them, men are unable to resist their feminine wiles, being totally ruled by their baser animal instincts. In fact men are never responsible ever for any of their actions around women, ever, because they flaunt their breasts and vaginas under their clothes.  All any teenage girl is ever thinking about is how to lure men to her bed so they can be exploited.

Can we pause while I scream rather loudly?

She was 13. Shall I repeat that, write it in 6 foot high letters? All her actions were predatory? Seriously that someone can look at a child and say they are the one at fault here, they should have known better. My anger and disgust are in danger of overwhelming me. There are important conversations that need to be had about the fact teenagers want sex. Conversations about better sex ed, that includes informed and enthusiastic consent. Conversations that include looking at the age of consent and whether we need to focus more on consent than on age. What we do not need a conversation about is teenage temptress who hunt out older men to seduce them unless you are writing age play porn.

The accusation that “‘On these facts, the girl was predatory and was egging you on” is pure slut shaming Applied to a child who is a mixture of a million different emotions around sex and should be allowed to explore them away from men who would exploit her it is sickening, and  even more shocking when it comes from the judge.

Allowing her to visit your home is something we have to clamp down on and in normal circumstances that would mean a significant term in prison.

Normal circumstances? By which I assume he means good girls, one whom the abuse of matters. There are links here to the victims in Oxford, Rotherham and Rochdale. Police and social services turned a blind eye to what was going on because they were the wrong sort of girl, they may have even also been sexually experienced. Which of course women of any age can have hurled at them. We are sluts who get what we deserve and it;s not really rape unless we have spent our entire lives in a nunnery.

Yesterday apparently we were meant to observe a twitter silence to support those attacked online. This child was attacked in a court room by representatives of the state, by those meant to protect victims. Who is speaking for her, who is giving a voice to women and girls like her, to the victims?

12 comments on “Lolita was a work of fiction, you fucknugget

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  2. ChunLisa
    August 5, 2013

    I don’t understand how you can write coherently about this. If I tried I’d just get ARGHFKJNNJKHJAKGJRJKRGGRDVL in size 72 font.

    Just… rage. What?

    Sometimes, as a feminist, I think “men aren’t *really* against us, they’re just brainwashed and need to see the light” and then I read something like this, or some other bullshit, and just realise nope, they hate us. They hate us and our vaginas. And maybe there are a few nice men, but I will never know that because shit like this makes me hate them. Misandry, yo.

    How is someone’s sexual history even relevant? At any age?! Never mind a child!



    • jem (@notahappyhooker)
      August 8, 2013

      I sometimes think its only by writing that I am able to not be overwhelemed if that makes sense. However if u look at Barbara Taylors comments, its not just men, its about class and privilege, and often race.


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  6. drewdog2060drewdog2060
    January 24, 2014

    I believe the judge’s ruling was subsequently quashed and the man sent to prison.


    • jemima2013
      January 24, 2014

      Indeed, that was written on the day, although it has to be said i am not sure he needed a prison sentence, my problem was with the legal reprsentatives slut shaming the girl far more than with his foolish exploitative actions, in the context of this piece


      • drewdog2060drewdog2060
        January 24, 2014

        What is your view on the age of consent? As you know it was raised in the Victorian period, in the UK to stop men from exploiting children in prostitution. Teens may have the desires of adults (by which I mean those aged under 18-year-of-age) but the prevailing opinion is they do not possess the mental capacity to cope with sexual relationships. If the age was lowered how would we ensure that young teens where not exploited by mature adults? The law is certainly somewhat contradictory in that those aged 16 but under 18 can legally enter into sexual relationships but can not marry unless they have the consent of their parents here in the UK. Also 16-year-olds can legally smoke but are forbidden from purchasing cigarettes. The whole issue strikes me as being a mine field, Kevin


  7. jemima2013
    January 25, 2014

    My view on the age of consent is I wouldnt start from here. Currently we are focused on the age, and not enough on consent. I remember at high school girls being pressured cos they were “legal” as if a magic number makes everything ok.

    We have written a few times about our dislike for magic numbers and opposition to treating sex differently to all the other things that exist in the world that can be either harmful or wonderful or many things inbetween


    • drewdog2060drewdog2060
      January 25, 2014

      Your perspective is an interesting one. I am currently working on a story about a 14-year-old girl from a troubled background who decides to place a dating advert on the internet “for a laugh”. Lizzie pretends to be 18 and the story will examine the sensitive subject of what happens when teenagers engage in such behaviour. I have published several stories on Amazon and it is my intention to add this one once completed. You can find an extract here,


      • jemima2013
        January 26, 2014

        thanks for the link, that is an interesting scenario.


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