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Review of the week

Yes, it’s late, because we had so much fun with Twitter yesterday in the absence of the self important and self promoting. #Trolliday was fantastic fun. In the process I missed this very Irish story, which originated on Facebook, about two rugby players and a young lady, It turns out the story has all the classic elements of slut shaming and online abuse, and guess what? No-one appears to give a shit about the woman. Amongst the sanctimonious reminiscences in this op-ed piece there’s a nugget of truth –

“Social media can be a brutal mechanism and under the cloak of anonymity, abuse, bullying and insults traded with impunity. The female in the story was forced to leave Dublin. She could not avoid the online abuse,…”

Jemima had a powerful week, as usual, writing like an angel. Have a look here, or here.

This TwitLonger may well be the harbinger of some bigger stories to come, provided someone can write the story in plain English. It’s linked to this story, which is couched in careful journolese that seems to be suggesting that the accused is more than just a hardware provider.

Yes, dear reader, it’s a bitty review of the week, but I’m trying to avoid the narcissism of writing about pieces I’ve written myself. However, enjoy….



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