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Review of the week.

In among the flouncing and twitter silences of recent times it seems some people have forgotten what the web is for (other than porn). It is about connecting people, its great strength and virtue is we can hear the voice of someone whose life is so different from ours. Instead of news being filtered through the lens of whatever agenda the news gathers have we can hear directly from people. Perhaps that is why the commentariat are the ones storming off in the huff, as their role becomes ever more pointless.

My fellow traveller here wrote one of his pieces that stopped me in my tracks about the fear that interconnectedness arouses in the nation-state.

Is it any surprise they feel threatened by the internet? As the Tories wage a war on the disabled the net gives them as voice, such as in this heartbreaking piece about her battle with ATOS by @lubobottom

We can hear from people with different lifestyles, and if you only read one thing this week then this should be it. Loving our fellow humans is something that many claim to do, but pours out of this piece

Then there are those who the mainstream media prefers to ignore and silence, and sex workers are near the top of their list.  The antis have millions but they can’t silence amazing women like Laura Lee or Brooke Magnanti.

So next time you feel sympathy for a well paid columnist crying that they have forced off the internet, remember the strength and courage of people who don’t start petitions and try to silence others, to whom the web has given a voice.

Although sometimes you might not know exactly what that voice is saying :-)


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