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Review of the week: Its all about sex baby.

As nobody has ever said, a week is a long time in the blogosphere. A week ago we were adjusting to this new format, and being slightly more safe for work than the old homestead. I suppose it’s like any house move, after the initial excitement you have to get used to the fact this is it, and start working out the best place to put the book shelves.

Then I wrote a thing about a girl who had been photographed giving some lucky lads blow jobs and things went a little scary.  When the views start going up in thousands and the comments stretch over 130 the word viral starts to make sense. It seems it even went so far as to get a hate blog written about me by the radfems.  I believe Carter’s post was far more considered, and should have had the attention mine got by mere good timing.

It also brought people in who clearly didn’t know what to expect from a blog tagged Sex, Socialism and Sanity without safewords, and possibly the most amusing comment of the week, here. Obviously this was not what he expected from a sex blog, and he made his displeasure clear. (For the record I did answer the question, in the very first paragraph).

This got me thinking about the huge variety of people I read each week who write about sex, but not in the manner our commenter would approve of.

This week Slutocrat wrote of the failure of feminism to address the concerns of all women outside a tiny middle class white enclave. 

No attention is being drawn to the issues faced by the most vulnerable and stigmatised. Instead most popular feminist campaigns are vehicles for cis straight white middle class women to get attention while doing a symbolic activism that won’t really change anything. As for Lose the lads’ mags and No more page 3, they will not prevent violence and abuse. These campaigns only succeed in problematising models and sex workers, effectively blaming them and the modelling and adult industries for rape.

The beautiful Molly produced more of her outstanding erotic self portraits. 

Eve Ray, also on the receiving end of the blunted tool that passes for the wit and wisdom of Louise Pennington, returned to the subject of the brothels in the death camps. 

Rebel is one of those people I feel I know from her blogging, and she shared some of her innermost thoughts this week, on D/s and her craving for it. 

Many people write about sex, some of whom call themselves sex bloggers, most though do not issue how to give blow jobs guides to people who randomly pop up on their blogs, they have far more interesting things to write about.


8 comments on “Review of the week: Its all about sex baby.

  1. Slutocrat
    August 25, 2013

    Thank you! This made me smile. I can relate to the viral thing- when one of my posts about the Job Centre (which I wrote in ten minutes and don’t consider a very important or political post) started getting thousands of views and shares it was a bit…wow. I wonder how Slane Girl feels right now. She was horribly bullied but if she knows she started a blogosphere war…Anyway thanks again xx


    • jemima2013
      August 25, 2013

      i wrote it in about 20 minutes, cos I couldnt do what i wanted to, and give her a hug.


  2. epiphanysvoice
    August 25, 2013

    Feminism has addressed nothing. The words “I am a white woman turned away from shelters,” prove this. Try to find work in anything not considered art and manual competition arises as the dominant form of legal capital distribution. If you are an artist, you had better be a submissive, pandering, pretty girl without stretch marks. A man commented yesterday ( drives a huge truck as his regular vehicle) how he is sick of “fluesy” girls wanting to be driven home from the bar. He is single and doesnt know why, But gets paid for his travelling service to a 90 year old couple who buy farms as a hobby.
    Then there is the blogger who claims to be a sex worker, but refers to human copulation in public as “dogging”. Blessed be her closed curtains, she shouts.


  3. Slutocrat
    August 25, 2013

    BTW I reckon Louise Pennington saw the Slane Girl post cos I tweeted it. She was also pro Swedish model. Once she did a blog obviously inspired by my (and 1 or 2 others’) tweets and convo with her (but didn’t name anyone) and I was happy cos I don’t mind rational; debate…I tweeted it, saying I 100% disagree but I think people should read it to find out the opposite opinion. Cos how can you be sure of your beliefs without hearing from both sides? That’s why I opposed the Seedish model, cos I’d heard both sides and the argument was ludicrous. Haha fun times.


    • jemima2013
      August 25, 2013

      I just dont see the point in trawling blogs to find stuff to disagree with….it sugegsts she doesnt actually have anything to say, other than attacking women she doesnt agree with!


  4. Lydia
    August 26, 2013

    Was that last paragraph a dig?


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