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I was greatly amused to see us listed by the very lovely A Very Public Sociologist as an unaligned blog. We are not so much unaligned as undesired; I fear that the parties we belong to would expel us for our heterodox and  non-authoritarian views.

There’s one thing we are clear on though. Labour in government offers incremental benefits in comparison to Tories in power with or without their LibDem human shields. Even though I despise the authoritarianism and illiberal instincts of the Blair government it delivered things no Tory government would have done, like the minimum wage and compulsory trade union recognition ballots.

So the defeat in the House of Commons for David Cameron was a source of great amusement, even as I raged with fury at the inept media performance of the Labour press team and the Shadow Cabinet.

Trying to make sense of the narrative of Cameron feeling as if he had been stitched up by Milliband there’s a clear alternative narrative. An over-confident, careless Cameron spoke to Ed, secured support for military action in certain circumstances, but then failed to ask Ed what those circumstances were. In the House of Commons  Cameron’s slip shod and superficial approach was painfully exposed, and his refusal to countenance a compromise gave his enemies on his own benches a perfect chance to give him a bloody nose.

Labour’s media team failed to make this point or anything similarly sensible. It’s not as if Cameron as arrogant bully being tripped up by clever, wonky Ed is a hard sell to the public….

In other news,the comments on this post by Jem are fascinating and appalling, but gave me an excuse to write this.


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