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An Independent Inquiry?

The crimes of Jimmy Saville will probably never be fully known, shame, stigma, time and in some cases the deaths of his victims means that the past is even more murky than usual in  cases of historical abuse. That all the organisations involved look frankly at their policies and failures is of course vital, but I cannot help wondering at the tenor the complaints and demands for enquiries are taking.

Saville’s coffee mornings were apparently totally irrelevant to his 68 known victims in the West Yorkshire area, he merely made sure he was friendly with beat bobbies and Chief Constables because he had a thing for uniforms, or perhaps he simply wanted to share cookery tips. No I don’t believe it either. However West Yorkshire Police found:

“There is no evidence that he was protected from arrest or prosecution for any offences as a result of his relationship with WYP, or individual friendships with officers.”

The report said 68 of Savile’s victims had come forward in the force area.

The report said: “No evidence has been found to conclude that there was any impropriety or misconduct in relation to the Friday Morning Club

So thats all right then. The former West Yorkshire Policeman who contacted Surrey officers investigating the Duncroft allegations in 2009 merely did so because he hope Jim would Fix it for him to eat his packed lunch on a roller coaster. (Apologies, Daily Mail link).

He in no way influenced what reads like a cosy fireside chat than an interview with someone accused of a string of very serious sexual offences.

The media though whilst it like a good bent copper story has a far bigger target in its sights. Not the police who failed to investigate, or the teachers who turned a blind eye, but the NHS. 

Jeremy Hunt said new information has come to light relating to investigations across 13 institutions as well as “reference to other hospitals”.

He has asked police to review all of the evidence before relevant information is passed on to investigators “as quickly as possible”.

Investigations were launched into activities at Broadmoor, Stoke Mandeville and Leeds General Infirmary following the abuse revelations last year, along with inquiries at 10 other trusts.

But further “relevant information” regarding the presenter’s activities has now emerged. Mr Hunt said any hospitals involved would be named once the review of the new potential evidence had been completed.

“We understand the material includes information about hospitals where investigations are already under way and reference to other hospitals,” he said in a statement to Parliament

Now conspiracy theories generally get me reaching for my ear plugs and copy of Van Daniken but why exactly is Jeremy Hunt using Parliamentary time to announce a speculative investigation into NHS hospitals.  Yes, there was a duty of care, and evidence of abuse must be uncovered, but there is no suggestion of wrong doing, or failure to do their jobs, as with the police.  So why the announcement?

Anyone who follows the excellent SKywalker 1964 blog will have been aware that ever since the Con Dems seized power there has been a concerted campaign to destroy public affection for the NHS, to discredit it at any opportunity and create an atmosphere where it is no loner seen as a the crowning jewel in our welfare state. The death stats which have been misrepresented, the patients at Stafford left to drink from vases, on wards where there were no vases, the campaign group that is nothing more than a Tory Party front. The public is constantly bombarded with scare stories that tell them no matter what their personal experience of the NHS is, it is structurally rotten and must be totally reformed.

Why has Hunt announced an inquiry into the NHS and not one into Police corruption? Forgive me if I adjust my tin foil hat and see it as part of a concerted series of attacks by people who have an ideological objection to universal healthcare free at the point of need. When Tony Blair was elected he famously said the British public had 24 hours to save the NHS. The Conservative party and their lib dem hangers-on want to ensure the public have no desire in saving what is left of it come 2015.


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