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Happy Halloween or what did you want to be when you grew up?

An old post that seems relevant as Halloween approaches

Go to any Ann Summers shop and you will find the accoutrements of fetish lite. Fluffy cuffs, play floggers and a variety of role play outfits.I say variety but actually there are usually only three options for a woman who wants to get the dressing up box out. Policewoman, schoolgirl or nurse.

Except of course this is not a police uniform, it is sexy solely because it is figure hugging and skimpy. The model could be wearing anything,but we are told it is more raunchy to indulge in role play.

Sex therapists will even suggest it to spice up a jaded sex life. But if it is role play wouldn’t it be better if she looked more like this.

If you want to play with the idea of a Dominant woman, which is what the sexy P.C. meme seems to be about, surely the fantasy would be better if she looked realistic ?

Which brings us quite neatly to the schoolie outfits .The same women who would lead lynch mobs find nothing wrong in going down the Bigg Market on a Saturday night dressed in fake school uniform. Ask them why they think it is acceptable for men to lust after school age girls and, if you could avoid being glassed, they would probably tell you it is just a bit of fun.

The nurse idea goes back to the fact nurses were often considered little more than prostitutes. Coming into contact with the male body,seeing things no respectable woman should,it was not considered a profession for nice girls as late as the 1960′s.

So here we have the summation of male fantasies, supposedly, slut, Domme and virgin. All presented in fake sexualised packages, all closely resembling each other.

Now I don’t want to come across as a man hating unshaven DM wearing feminazi. Mainly because I am not. But if these outfits are not being used for role play, why are they the stock sexy caricatures for woman to dress in? Who has decided that the nurse, school girl and policewoman are sexy and should woman be buying into such a narrow and limiting view of themselves and their sexuality.


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