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The Sunday Sermon; love thy neighbour.

Apologies for lack of links and typos, i am tired in body and soul. 

It is a saying many will be familiar with, love thy neighbour as thyself. The second part is perhaps not considered as much as it should be, this is not a friendly wave in the morning or being willing to lend them your hedge trimmers in the summer, but as much regard for their welfare as you have for your own. It might be easier for those of a non religious persuasion to consider Rodger, who loved his clients and believed that unconditional positive regard was at the center of any movement towards growth, change and self acceptance.

Of course it is easy, or easier to feel this for those like us, but the new testament is very clear that this is not the love expected. Loving those like us is nothing but an extension of loving yourself. I believe X, and in order to validate my belief I will surround myself with those who agree with me. Where is the love in that? It is little more than using others to make yourself look and feel better. The story of the good samaritan shows us the kind of love that is being talked about. The history between the Jewish and Samaritan people was bitter and violent. A recent comparison might be the troubles in Northern Ireland. They were both, avowedly Christians, but this simularity only reinforced their hatred for each other. So it was in the Judea of Jesus’ time. The injured man is passed by those who might be recognized as his neighbour, but helped by his traditional enemy.

Feminism needs more love. Not the love of the Pharisee but the love of the Samaritan. I woke up this morning after a poor night sleep (thank you drunk woman locked out of her room who decided to wake the corridor) to another outing by Cathy Brennan. I have written about the need for anyone who cares about feminism to turn their backs on her hate groups, but still they say, ahh she is a sister, trans woman are not sisters, so we must stand by her. Groups like End Misosgnoy Online only recognize their Neighbour as being the woman like them, and of course that woman is white cis and middle class. At blogfest yesterday feminists said mummy bloggers could not be feminists because they made jam. Even worse one panellist said only educated women could be good mothers.  The only feminists were women like them, career women who leant in and emulated patriarchal norms and standards. Again this morning leading feminists like Louise Pennington are defending the pannelists, because they are her neighbours, like her, and attacking the audience who quite rightly objected.

Across feminism instead of showing love for those who are different those with power and privildge oppress, out, silence and bully. They do not just walk by the wounded person, they stop to see how they can increase their pain. Is this a movement that should succeed, that should be listened too?

Some would say that not allowing the swerfs terfs and other bigots and equal voice in feminism is not showing them love, that they are different to me and this is why I dont like them. Lets go back to the story of the good Samaritan. The central figure was attacked, was weak and wounded. Jesus did not say we had to help those already with power, but those under attack and in danger. Yes, empathy and understanding, and if possible love for Cathy Brennan and her cult is important. I feel pity for her that she has sych a soul consuming hate, and intellectually can understand where that comes from. It does not mean though I have to listen to or help her. Nor does it mean that I should gave space to others who would use feminism to make the world a place full of their clones.

Yes again feminism is standing y those who are just like them, and walking by the weak and attacked. Lacking love excepet self love and promoting hate in its place.



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