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I am so lucky to have friends who care about me, that I feel the need to say some obvious things.

If my friends tell me that they care about me, or wish that I were not troubled, I need to remember that they care because they are decent, genuine human beings, not because of any special relationship with me.

The reality is that the people who give me most pleasure do so, not because they cherish or value  me as a person, but because they simply are that good at being sensual, sexy, warm human beings. Of course,in turn, I try to be the person they desire simply by being me, no more or less.

An acquaintance asked on Twitter tonight (I paraphrase) ‘what if having attracted people, I turn out to be not what they want?’

We all take that chance every time we speak about desire. We are all grown ups, and should know the difference between the picture we paint of others, the screenplays we write in our heads, and the reality. Part of being a grown up is being able to have that grown up conversation, that says ‘I desired you, and like you, but have not found what I was looking for.’

It’s easy for me to say that. I have people in my life who make me feel as if I am as good as they could wish for. Knowing that they are authentic, and capable of being genuinely kind to others besides me is something that makes their care and attention to me all the more rewarding.



One comment on “Responsibility

  1. jemima2013
    November 24, 2013

    This makes me think about what I wrote earlier, and those scripts we have in our head that can be so influential for good or ill. The fact you attract people with traits you find worthy is perhaps becasue of who the authentic you is. 🙂


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