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Prayer and the atheist wager

The atheist wager is a well known conundrum.

In essence it says that I do not believe in god. If she does exist, and she is a god worth believing in, she will respect that my disbelief is a rational choice, and that I have always tried to act in a way that reflects my values of charity, socialism and respect for others. If those values are not hers, I want no part of her world. If those values are hers, then she will welcome my efforts to be the best person I can be.

That’s a nice position to take, if you’re in a debating chamber. It’s a good way to handle disbelief, while reflecting the reality that an awful lot of well founded positions have been trumped by new and better evidence throughout history. What does it mean though when someone you love and respect is praying to their god, because of the bad place they are in? That’s where I am, and this was my answer last night;

If you are as deserving of her love, as she is of yours, You will hear my prayer.

If you will have faith in her, as she has in you, You will respect her choices.

If you care for her peace of mind, as she seeks to be an agent of your peace, You will hear my prayer.

Give me the patience to share her patience, to love her calmness and share her silence.

Give me the strength to enjoy her wisdom, and the wisdom to see her strength.

Help me love her, as she loves you, and you will be deserving of my love.


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