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In the family way

Attempting to apply legal principles to human disputes is always a thankless task. The Family Court is a place of despair as well as of hope.

For many people their only engagement with the Family Court is when they’re either an interested participant, with all the lack of objectivity that implies, or they’re reading the story of a Family Court case that someone has chosen to publicize, with all the selectivity that implies.

Read this case. I found it at random. It’s a tiny slice of what family court cases can be like, small dramas of huge intensity.

I don’t offer that case up in any didactic way. I don’t want you to try and find principles in it, or deeper truths, because there are none, just people trying their best and sometimes achieving their worst. Take it from me though.Whether it’s Fathers for Justice, of Christopher Booker, or a drunk insisting his ex really was a bitch, when someone tells you that their account of a dispute reveals greater truths, they may be right, but they’re more likely to be over interpreting, at best, and lying to make a point, at worst.


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