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Its murder on the dancefloor

You couldn’t make this up.

Seriously. Especially not if you’ve been to a swingers social recently, or any time in the last 25 years.

I went to one direct from a board meeting. People assumed I had a suit fetish. Seriously. Presumably they thought the laptop bag was for the tools of my kink.

Anyone, but anyone, who has been around the gay scene will know that a shared sexuality will not guarantee you have anything else in common with anyone else. The idea that a social event in a small town, run down, slightly decrepit Conservative club should turn into a fist fight with associated inappropriate behaviour is so unexceptional that, frankly, it wouldn’t be news if it weren’t for the scandalous hint that the people involved were ‘swingers.’

The fact that there was alcohol involved, and some intemperate behaviours, should surprise no-one. Alcohol dissolves all inhibitions, including the one about not making an arse of yourself in public, not just the ones involving sex. Swingers are not immune to being idiots in the presence of alcohol.

It’s a non story made into a story by the frisson of illicit sex. That’s all. A fist fight in a golf club is no more or less deserving of publicity. Incidentally, if you’re gay or a dyke, and you’re reading this thinking that swingers are a special case, think again. If your sex life catches their attention, you’ll be next on the list of non news stories that become news stories when two or three people are gathered together carnally.



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