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The Sunday Sermon; Looking back with black eyes.

So I was informed that yesterday was known as black eye friday, the closest friday to Christmas when office parties spill out onto the streets and into casual violence. I quickly revised my plans to go Christmas shopping, and stayed away from places where drunk groups of people might be pouring christmas cheer down their throats faster than a 15 year old trying to get drunk before curfew.

New Years Eve will find me similarly ensconced in my living room, warm and as far away from the crowds as I can be. I am not a misanthrope, or a tea totaller. In fact right now my mind is dwelling on nights out with someone who excites my mind as much as my body, and they were not sober. There is however a desperation to the drinking at this time of year that seems to remove it from the realm of pleasure.

Desperation is a carefully chosen word, for I believe that at this time of year so much anger comes out when people drink because they have cause to look back, over the past year and over their lives.  Looking back in itself is not a bad thing, although dwelling on the past rarely does more than confirm us in our already held beliefs and prejudices. However when you have regrets, and are still wedded to them then adding alcohol to the mix makes fights, anger and yes, the occasional black eye almost inevitable.

In the nest week reviews of the year will be almost impossible to avoid  (I intend to add to the burden) pushing people even harder to do their personal assessments of where they are, and where they want to be. For so many people though those two things are so far apart that the anger rises up.  Anger at themselves and their own situation is too hard to look at, for that takes an honesty that alcohol does not always bring. Although it is responsible for another set of emotions, depression for those who do turn the emotions inward.

This sounds like I am saying we should not look back, which I am not. Taking stock is important, seeing what went right and wrong is how we learn, smile over the good bits, learn from the bad bits. However letting that turn into hate for others, or yourself, anger and violence, is just a way of ensuring that nothing will change, that 2015 will find you looking back with the same regrets 2013 did.




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