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Short thoughts on progressive authoritarianism

It’s hard to imagine a more disturbing juxtaposition of words than progressive authoritarianism. It sounds like short hand for one of those jokes about being in favour of democracy and willing to kill anyone who disagrees with you. Or is that the definition of Leninism? As a young man jokes about fighting for peace or fucking for virginity were a learning tool, essential aids to understanding the principle that the way you get to an end matters, and that there are some methods that are simply incompatible with the desired outcome.

The fact that some Americans call themselves authoritarian progressives beggars belief; if any country has proved that prohibition doesn’t work it is the USA.


One comment on “Short thoughts on progressive authoritarianism

  1. jemima2013
    January 3, 2014

    where did u read of such fuckwittery?


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