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If wishes were fishes…

Carter in turning his perceptive gaze on the motivations behind Mary Honeyball’s crusade against sex workers highlighted how she is more concerned with her legacy than keeping women safe. The same may well be true of the MPs on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution. However you do not have to be an uninformed, overpaid, and seemingly underemployed MP or MEP to wonder about how the future will remember you.

It used to be simple, our children were our legacy, part of the reason childlessness was such an issue is because children carried on the family name. They were our way of saying, I was here, I made my mark. Of course to have this attitude children were often seen as little more than possessions, and daughters were valued less, as they were sent off to rise or fall with the fortunes of another family. As an old Chinese saying highlighted, sons are your own, daughters you raise for the family they marry into.

There are other markers we still use of course, money, property, the things we surround ourselves with to show we were here. However unlike the Egyptians we tend not to believe we take these things into the afterlife. Only the most materialistic of people can believe they are anything but flotsam and jetsam to be cast away after we are gone.

By this point you are probably wondering what on earth this has to do with sex or kink, or any of the other topics I usually write about for Wicked Wednesday. The link comes from the conversation I had with Marie Rebel after seeing the prompt. There are a number of things we both thought of adding to a wish list. Carter and I have joked about a cottage deserted enough for outdoor floggings, where I could feel the wind against my bare skin as I so love.  That joked about lottery win might well find me exploring wild moors and corners and fantasizing about the cane on my naked body

What sub hasn’t imagined her own version of Roissy? A castle, a stern master, a dungeon full of all the toys even the most sadistic could desire. Other subs to share with, or be shared with, and the glory holes or the stables to be sent to as punishment. OK, I admit it Carter and I have mused about this perfect place too, to the extent of creating our own version in our imaginations.

Then there are the real world wishes, for blood to flow, for visits to sex cinemas, for gangbangs, outdoor showing off, for new experiences and sensations. Wishes known and shared and most certainly wanked over.

However when I look back on my life these are not the things I will be remembered for, even if they are the things I remember with a smile. The rise of neo victorianism, a modern world that thinks smugsexual is a clever insult and that all porn should be banned is leading us away from a world where I could ever be identified as one of the writers of this blog. I am content with that, for there are things I would rather be remembered for.

If I could have 3 wishes they would be that those I care about remember me with love and smiles. That I leave the world a better place, in even the tiniest way. Finally, as a phenomenal fuck. The great thing about these three wishes is that it is up to me whether they are granted or not.

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4 comments on “If wishes were fishes…

  1. Marie Rebelle
    March 5, 2014

    I will not be remembered for big things either, but I hope my family will think about me with smiles too, once I am gone. And, something I always say is that one day, when I am old and grey and not able to do the things anymore that I am doing now, I want to look back on my life with a smile and know: I have truly lived.

    Great post!

    Rebel xox

    PS: When do we start our own Roissy?


  2. serafinasamadhi
    March 5, 2014

    I know there won’t be any one to remember me fondly- so I tend to max out everything I have to live for. I just want to live well and simply.


  3. Lydia
    March 5, 2014

    I so have to take you to the sex cinema next time you are my way! 🙂


    • jemima2013
      March 6, 2014

      i will remember this offer!


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