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The Million Dollar Question.

If like me you saw Melissa Gira Grant attempt to explain why workers rights should apply to every worker on channel Four news last night you will also have had to endure Mary Honeyball lying outright about the swedish model and its results. Grant was a model of calmness and reason in the face of a presenter who was trying to get a full house on sex worker bingo. (The would you let your daughter do it line won me a free week of MamaMia articles). Honeyball had me checking whether there was smoke coming from her knickers, but in between the lies one question kept occurring to me.

Honeyball claimed to want to protect sex workers (ignoring how the Swedish model puts us in danger). She claimed lots of things, but she did not say, nor was she asked what crime is being committed when one adult pays another for a sexual service. This surely is the million dollar question. We have laws against assault, rape, trafficking, pimping, exploitation. So presumably the need for a new law is because some criminal act is being committed that we do not have the ability to prosecute at the moment. So what is it? I will allow you a few moments to try to think of one.

Any answers? Any suggestions on what harm is being done when an adult pays another adult for a sexual service? Remember now we cannot prosecute people for “upholding patriarchy”, being men or doing things that make us feel icky. If we could Clarkson would have a life sentence. Of course there is no answer, since being a man and offending radical feminist fee fees is the only crime being committed. There are a few more questions though. If paying me for sex becomes a criminal act what else should also be criminalized? When Carter pays for my all day breakfast at our favourite greasy spoon (I am a cheap date) should that not also be illegal? The prosecution of Cynthia Payne showed payment for sex in things other than cash could be a crime. Carter knows as his sub the fried egg will, eventually, lead to mindblowing sex even if we dont do sploshing. So surely that should be a crime too?

The fact is the only justification for criminalizing paying for sex is a personal moral opposition to it happening. Some radfems would also criminalize any sex with men, believing it to be rape. Honeyball in my opinion is just a career opportunist willing to build her position on the bodies of dead whores but the million dollar question needs to be asked. It is also a far more important question that would you let your daughter be a sex worker.


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