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The Sunday Sermon; Anger and Apple Sauce

Carters excellent response to attacks on Desmond Tutu was not the only post to consider the issue of anger and letting go this week. This post by Huma prompted a really interesting conversation about anger, the dangers of holding onto it, and the need for anger to be acknowledged.

It seems to me that Huma hit on something vital for healing, the need for the world to recognize your anger is legitimate, even while long-term you know that anger in itself is damaging. It is mothers day, and I wonder how many people spent part of today biting back words, churned up with anger on the inside, unable to voice it or have it acknowledged? Moving on from anger may be vital, but is that even possible when people deny your right to be angry?

Even in the twitter feminist trenches there seems to be the same issues, people with power and privilege telling wonderful activists like Suey Park if only she were nicer, politer, less angry. When your very right to be angry about something is called into question is it any wonder that people hold on to that anger? After all the anger becomes proof that what happened to them was not OK, even if the world wants them to get over things, to move on, to stop making a fuss.

So we end up around a dinner table, in a pub no one really likes, swallowing back our anger with the luke warm starter and over cooked roast potatoes.  We do have a choice though, even if it is a harsh one. Sometimes we have to accept our anger will never be acknowledged. That we are never going to get that validation, that word of comfort, no matter how much we crave it. Once we do that we discover another amazing fact, that we may not need it anymore.


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