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Charities and the long run

It’s the London Marathon tomorrow, which will attract an orgy of news reporting quite out of proportion with the significance of the event. The BBC will splash on it, just as they do with other mass participation events like the Great North Run. It’s not as if it’s a genuine race – reading this article about the way the organizers set the race up with pacemakers it’s obvious it’s as staged as any theatrical event.  That won’t stop various media halfwits and talkheads will gush about the amount of money being raised for charidee,and if we’re truly blessed the BBC will deploy one of their A team of celebridee presenters to do the ooohhinnggg and ahhhing  as another willing fundraiser dressed as a banana wearily plods past.

If you’ve ever wondered quite why that’s the case, read this article in the Guardian, about the difficulties small charities face getting a piece of the London Marathon action.

Far from being a wonderful example of the Big Society in motion, the London Marathon is a corporate fundraising fest dedicated to the thoroughly post modern pursuit of keeping charity fund raising managers and PR people in work. It’s the glamorous flipside of the same dodgy industry that saw some unskilled numpty in a fleece knock on my door last night and try to persuade me to give to a charity I have given to since they helped nurse a family member during a terminal illness. Chuggers don’t do trigger warnings, apparently.

So forgive me if, tomorrow morning, I say bah humbug and turn a deaf ear to the noise from the idiot box and the media endlessly amplifying the message about the corporate fundraising industry. There’s only so much I can stand…


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