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Not my celebration

It’s Easter Sunday, and I’m an atheist. No, not that kind of atheist.

I don;t feel the need to tell you about why I’m an atheist. I don’t need to list the dreadful things that some people who called themselves christians have done.  Some atheists don’t have a particularly attractive track record in that regard either.

Some atheists define their atheism as an opposition to theism. I try to avoid that mistake – just as some christians have an unattractive habit of proselytizing by force, so some atheists are, to say the least, fonder of conflict than consensus.

There’s a matter of timing, too. It’s Easter Sunday. Picking a fight with christians about the things some christians have done is bad form any time, but picking a fight at Easter is simply tactless. It smacks of a child saying that since it’s not their birthday, no-one else is allowed to have a birthday either.

There’s no need to pick a fight with christians because some christians are arseholes. Pick any group of human beings and, unless you use some especially cunning selection strategy, some of that group will be arseholes. For every David Cameron, talking about his christianity while destroying the welfare state, there will be a Desmond Tutu or a Rowan Williams.

I’m proud to blog with a christian, a believer and a generous supporter of all who need her charity and kindness. So I hope she has had a peaceful and happy Easter, because her story matters as much as mine.


One comment on “Not my celebration

  1. punterthoughts
    April 20, 2014

    I am an agnostic which equals sitting on the fence resulting in painful splinters! Perhaps agnosticism is the coward’s way out.


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