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The Sunday Sermon; Where two or three are gathered together

Yesterday I tweeted something that may have the largest number of retweets and favourites of anything I have launched onto the unsuspecting twitterverse. I am not sure there is a prize, but it was fascinating how something so simple clearly struck a cord with so many. I am sure you are burning with desire to know what I said. Having decided to do something about my weight gain other than just moaning I had blown the dust of the wii fit, which is how come I ended up tweeting “‘“feel free to hold onto people or objects if you don’t feel stable” Wii fit offers the best life advice ever”

Humans are not solitary creatures, thats not evolutionary biology simply observation. Part of the reason for twitters attraction is that it allows people to reach out to others in real time. (something twitter seems to singularly fail to understand as it turns itself into facebook lite) There is though  an old pastors joke about the parishioner who complains about this, and objects to that, and finally leaves to start their own church, with only one member.

Interaction with others means conflict, not in the fighting angry twitter spat sense but as a challenge, and challenges are good, they cause us to grow and see more of the world. In that perfect Church of one there would be no conflict it is true, there would also be no new experiences, growth or development. It might be verging on thought for the day parody to describe social media as modern churches, but they are communities, with the same strengths and weaknesses.

We need to see disagreement and debate as a necessary part of any community, if it is to be healthy, growing and more than a church of one. Disagreements can of course hurt, and I am not saying we should go out of our way to provoke them. The other side of accepting that you cannot have a church of one is sometimes letting things pass. So someone else thinks communion should be weekly, or limited to over twelves, or whatever. We can fight them tooth or nail, or we can decide that their views are as valid as ours and they are not worth going to war over.

This doesn’t mean somethings are not worth standing up for. However once we accept that debate and disagreement are not only an inevitable part of human interaction but a vital one it becomes easier to decide which fights need to be fought and which are simply the price of being able to reach and discover you are not alone in the world.


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