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The red shoes

This post from my personal journal seemed to fit with thoughts I have been having recently about what D/s is. Be aware it contains sexual content.
Control is on my mind not because my master tied me or restrained me, or had me on a 3 day ban. Instead I am thinking of a moment when it would have looked to an outsider that i was out of control. I was riding his cock, my entire cunt throbbing and seemingly three times its normal size judging from the nerve endings which were exposed and the shooting electricity firing through my body. My vision was blurred and orgasm after orgasm was overwhelming me.
I have written before of how some might prefer their subs to be restrained by ropes, fucked by machine . I saw a very horny pic on tumbler of 2 subs with hitachi wands tied to their clits. I understand this type of control, but there is something so different, so mind fucking and brain freezing about doing it to yourself. I know I cannot stop, I cannot take a moment to breathe, to stop the blood rushing, the heart pounding. I was in this state, every centimeter of my cunt squeezing, undulating, whist my head, my conscious brain whimpered stop, I cannot come any more, I need to stop.

It was then three words passed across my mind, The red shoes. The red shoes is the most gruesome and scary of all fairy tales in my opinion anyway. Cinderella’s sisters got what was coming to them, Bluebeard’s wife just had to avoid one bloody room, red riding hood was awesome and definitely kept a pistol in her knickers. The red shoes though, it has no redemption, she dances and dances until she is forced to have her own feet chopped off, today I felt that dance. I could no more consciously stop coming than she could stop dancing. I was not in control, He was, without force, without physical restraints, without even needing to tell me what was expected. I come until he says stop.

Even while my brain was thinking I cannot do this, my cunt was coming and squeezing and coming again. He pushed me and controlled me, used me and showed how much this body truly is his, so much it responds as trained too without me needing to be in control, and that total giving, total lack of me, that is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.



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2 comments on “The red shoes

  1. Marie Rebelle
    June 10, 2014

    This is beautiful!

    Rebel xox


  2. Molly
    June 11, 2014

    Lovely piece of writing. Interestingly I have never been able to orgasm when on top…. however I have managed to since meeting Michael. I guess that in the past being ontop just never made me feel what I needed to feel, and yet with Michael, it is there even when I am on-top



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