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Why do I write?

Carter explores here the various motivations he has for blogging, and why he prefers the format of a joint blog. He uses some interesting phrases, such as suggesting I consent to him being my fellow traveller here. As I have often said, life is simpler for subs.

I began writing my thoughts around BDSM because I wanted him to read them, it really was that simple. I was new to BDSM, but not to being what might be described as sexually adventurous.This led to a certain insecurity about my lack of direct experience, coupled with a curiosity at the world I had entered. Sometimes I think it was my age and previous experiences that led to to look somewhat cynically at those who describe how they get their rocks off as a lifestyle. I knew, and know, that there are far more women who like being grabbed by the hair or pinned down during sex than have ever started a profile on Fetlife.

I wandered into blogging about other things accidentaly, a northern Irish news paper report angered me so much I wrote my first ever blog about sex work, even now when I read it back I notice how I used they not we about sex workers, unsure yet of how the world might view the fact I sold sex. By the same reasoning I wrote about slut shaming, or feminism without ever describing myself as a feminist, I was a sex blogger, nothing more.

That label may not apply now, I write about far more than sex. My motivation has not changed though, I write because I like writing, but most of all I like it when carter likes my writing. That he consents to blog with me is a constant source of joy to me, and pushes me to be the best I can be.

This may seem like a private conversation between two people who should perhaps draw the curtains, but in all the important ways that is all our various incarnations have been. We just both happen to be exhibitionists.


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