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The constant DRIP of news management

Do you believe it was coincidental that this story came out this week?

In case you’re wondering, the real DRIP is worse than the version described by Charlie Brooker here.

Now, what’s that got to do with a news story about what looks like entirely praiseworthy police activity to prevent and detect child abuse?

Well, it’s not so much the story as it is, as the timing of it.

The BBC put out some more details here, but all the details are from National Crime Agency press releases.

One of the things you can’t tell from the NCA press release is whether today’s press release includes the arrests covered by previous police operations such as those details in press releases like this. There’s a surprising lack of information in the press releases about the details of where and when, and that leaves the question of why now.

Until some further details emerge, it’s hard not to conclude that the emergence of news that might lead some people to conclude the government needs more surveillance powers in the same week as it seeks new surveillance powers is no coincidence.

In short, this announcement is news management, not news.

UPDATE; This article from a Welsh local paper shows up the news management aspects of this story; there is no coherent link between cases, which date back to March of this year. The great secret method appears to be nothing more than police forces taking  to each other. So when you read stories like this one in the Guardian about police being overwhelmed, ask yourself why they’re exaggerating, and what they;re trying to persuade you of.


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