Sometimes, it's just a cigar

This is our truth, tell us yours

Fifty Shades of LIfe on Mars, part three

We are in flashback mode again. The style is Helmut Newton meets fairground mirror.

We see Alex Drake, Ana and Vera Stanhope.

We see Vera speaking, but can’t hear her, as if the sound is fading in.

ANA: I can’t understand what she’s saying.

ALEX: Neither can anyone else. It’s not you.

ANA: I wish I understood this.

ALEX: But everything you’ve told us is true….

ANA: But who would believe it?

VERA: <speaks unintelligibly>

ALEX: Ignore her Ana. I believe you.

ANA: That’s what they said….

ALEX: They Ana?

ANA: The women I met. The one from Yorkshire, the one with the funny name.

VERA: <speaks unintelligibly>

ALEX: Ignore her Ana. These women, did they tell you what to say?

ANA: They were helpers, not authors. I used to be an editor, an expert in narratives. I know the difference between what I want to say and what others want me to say.

ALEX: And I’m a police officer who wants to go home Ana. So I need to be sure that we can stand up the evidence we have. That way my colleagues interviewing him can get on with their job?

ANA: He’s been arrested? He had a difficult childhood, he won’t cope well, are you looking after him?

VERA: <speaks unintelligibly>

ANA: What did she say?

ALEX: This is Paddington Green, not Guantanamo Bay Ana. We do dodgy taches and Old Spice aftershave, not sensory deprivation and torture, although after a couple of hours with Hunt you might wish for a bag over your head.

VERA: And a bag over his head in case the bag over your head slips off.

ANA: I understood that.

ALEX: Wonders will never cease.



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