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The Sunday Sermon

We don’t have a policy line on what we will or wont write about here, for one thing Carter knows it would feed my service sub tendencies. We are however in the fortunate position of agreeing on most substantive things, so when he wrote about his attitude to the twitter reaction to the situation in Gaza he wrote for both of us without any editorial meetings being needed.

That said when I saw this video I could not help sharing it to twitter.

It’s easy to talk of the need for peace, and how others should set aside their differences. How often though do we demonstrate the same attitudes displayed in the video? Last night was an educational one for me, as I learnt about demisexuals and otherkin. Neither were terms, or ways of being I am familar with. It seems the default reaction of people in this situation (finding out that some people somewhere describe themselves in terms you may have not encountered before) is to mock or attack. The land in this case may be feminism, or your particular gender/sexuality/ identification. There is a tendency to say this land is mine, and defend it as if any new people are invaders who will deny your rights.

As the video so beautifully shows this tendency only leads to harm, be it hurt on twitter, babies in Gaza or the Holocaust, the ultimate in this land is mine.

The Sunday Sermon is short this week, because the message is simple, only by stopping defending our own little bit of land can peace, internally or externally be achieved. Every religion shares this basic truth. We cannot expect others to give up their fights though if we live defending our own little but of land


2 comments on “The Sunday Sermon

  1. cartertheblogger
    July 27, 2014

    I love this, and think you have it exactly right. I too reflected on last night’s otherkin discussions, and reminded myself of Bevan and the Manics – I know what my truth is, my job is to listen to yours.


  2. EdBalls
    January 25, 2015

    I remember back in the old days, before people embraced their trans-equine identities, when people used to say things like “I think horses are really cool”.
    The lost innocence of youth…


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