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Monday media and wind problems

We’re often critical of local media here, so hat’s off to the Northumberland Gazette for this exquisite piece of data mining.

What the Gazette have done is take a look at the Electoral Commission returns submitted by the candidates for Berwick at next year’s General Election.

To outsiders it might seem a little obscure – so what if a Tory candidate is funded by a Russian wind farm entrepeneur? After all, hasn’t the Tory candidate always campaigned against inappropriately sited windfarms? And who wouldn’t campaign against them when they own a lovely house like Anne-Marie Trevelyan?

‘Of course, the dirty little secret of the Northumberland Tories is that they’re suspected, on the topic of windfarms, of running with the fox and hunting with the hounds. Anne-Marie Trevelyan is doubtless best of friends with Peter Jackson, the Tory leader on Northumberland County Council. Peter opposes wind turbines too. Well, sometimes.

The McGuffin in Alexander Temerko’s inexplicable fondness for Anne-Marie Trevelyan is she campaigns against onshore windfarms, and Mr Temerko wants to make money out of offshore windfarms. Never  mind that offshore wind will require much larger subsidies than onshore wind, and will have huge reliability and delivery problems – Alexander and his team will fix those problems, for a price.

The Northumberland Gazette has been politely silent about these issues,but it surely doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together to make, well, a solution to a conundrum.







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