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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars, part six

Ana is wrapped in a towel. The TV is showing a children’s programme. She looks at the TV intently, as if she is trying to make sense of the sight of a small pig like creature in a flowery garden.

The picture dissolves. We see Christian, against an obscure background. He is tying granny knots in a length of rope, studying the knots intently and undoing them. His mouth is moving, as if he is saying, repeatedly, ‘left over right and under’ but no words can be heard. Ana puts her hand over her mouth.

CHRISTIAN: Remember, what matters is the will of the dominant to make these things happen. He knows best, and is the one who decides what is to be. Whether telling you what to eat, or bringing in his doctor to provide your contraception, he knows best.

Ana collapses on the floor, which is where she is found by Brook and Kellog. The TV screen is showing a CBBC station ident.


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