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How to tell if you are cis

There seems to be some confusion and misinformation about the word cis, so at great expense we bring you this in depth test which will end once and for all any discussion on this topic.

1.Are you trans?

If the answer is yes, you are not cis.

If the answer is no, go to 2.

2.You are cis

congratulations, lazy thinkers might describe this as having won a lottery.




2 comments on “How to tell if you are cis

  1. Ghost Story (@DearDiarrhe)
    August 26, 2014

    FYI, cis/trans is not a binary in the same way straight/gay is not a binary. Just like there are other sexualities (bi-, a-, pan-, &c.) there are other genders that are neither trans nor cis (bi-, a-, third-, &c.). A definition of cisgender more accurate than “not transgender” would be along the lines of “identifying with the sex and gender assigned at birth”


    • jemima2013
      August 27, 2014

      I think it really depends who you are asking, but yes, I know it isnt a binary, the post was in a response to the cis is a slur bollocks. Not transgender, to me, means identifying with the sex and gender assigned at birth


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