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It’s the silly season, stupid…

The Miliband wreath story is thoroughly debunked here.

Like most silly season stories it’s exquisitely layered.For those who presume they’re above the common fray, or who think there might be something in the explanations offered by the Labour press office, it’s a someone should have checked story. In short, it becomes a story about how inept Labour is under Miliband’s leadership.

For others it’s evidence of how little Miliband apparently cares.

All of it is nonsense.

That Miliband may have been stitched up by civil servants doing their master’s bidding is a fascinating detail, but to read the comments threads you’d think something significant had happened.

It hasn’t. It’s all theatre, the fantasy that millions of dead soldiers are floating in the after-life, perusing the messages written on wreaths and taking offence made manifest by people who desire nothing more than an excuse to be outraged.

The silly season, the month of August when newspaper journalists and political failures like Louise Mensch start grasping at straws is upon us, and no-one should kid themselves that it means anything.



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