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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars, Part Nine

The haze of smoke in the interview room is blue, and refracts the light.

Rumpole looks tired and grumpy; Hunt has his tie undone, and Resnick, who is sitting alongside him, has his gaze fixed on a point on the wall.

HUNT: Now, Christian, can I call you that? Christian, I understand you don’t know why you’re here. Let me ask you, did you ever get Ana drunk so you could have your fun with her?

CHRISTIAN: Haven’t we all?

RUMPOLE: Speak for yourself matey. Since that incident with the Portia of our chambers in Pomeroy’s I wouldn’t go near a woman in drink.

CHRISTIAN: Is he accusing me of DUI?

RESNICK: A different kind of Portia, Mr Grey.

HUNT: Now, we’ve all bought a lady a few Martinis Christian, but it always ends in tears doesn’t it?

CHRISTIAN: Is that a bad thing?

HUNT: Depends if you like vomit down your back on the dance floor of the Twisted Wheel I suppose…

CHRISTIAN: I’ve never had that problem….

HUNT: Too scared to throw up are they Mr Grey?

CHRISTIAN: If you think you’ve got enough to charge me get on with it.

RESNICK:We prefer a confession above anything else Mr Grey, and we have all the time we need to see if you can summon the courage to confess.

CHRISTIAN: Is that a threat?

HUNT: He does philosophy Christian, I’m the one who’ll put a bag over your head and loosen a few teeth if we need to.

RUMPOLE: Ahem, I think that would be unwise… Enjoyable, but unwise.

CHRISTIAN: Whose side are you on?

RUMPOLE: I’m with Mr Resnick on this one. He always says we’re all on the same side but travelling to different destinations. Isn’t that right Mr Resnick?

The screen shakes and shimmers. In the background we can hear a drunk singing, in a tremulous voice, Neil Young’s ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’


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This entry was posted on August 11, 2014 by in Fifty Shades of Life on Mars.

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