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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars, part ten

Ana is being interviewed by Kellogg and Vera. Brook and Siobhan Clarke are watching through a mirror.

KELLOGG: So, just to be clear Ana. Christian told you he’d got you drunk to overcome your objections to what he planned to do.

ANA: Yes.

KELLOGG: And he told you he would spank you whether you liked it or not…

ANA: Yes, but he said that’s how it works, but…

KELLOGG:Let’s park his explanations of how it works, because if it worked we wouldn’t be here would we?

ANA: Do I need a lawyer?

VERA: Haddaway and shite

KELLOGG: I don’t think they do criminal law Vera.

VERA: <Something untelligible>

KELLOGG: Why would you need a lawyer Ana?

ANA: Well you’re questioning me and I feel guilty?

Behind the mirror Brooke speaks to Clarke.

BROOK: Classic transference – she feels guilty, as if she’s to blame for not stopping him.

CLARKE: Sometimes it would be easier to be Rebus or Hunt or one of them, to just shoot the bastards and save ourselves the effort.

BROOK: There’s be a ready supply of them  they all think they’re precious unique snowflakes, but like the girls they’re just stamped out by a cookie cutter system and stamped on by the thugs the system produces at the same rate.

CLARK: Brook’s an unusual name….

BROOK: Doing the work we do we often get threats or people trying to track us down. We all take the names of favourite authors and heroines, it’s easier.

In the room the dialogue continues.

KELLOGG: We’re not accusing you, we’re just trying to understand.

ANA: But what if he can’t help being the way he is?

VERA: <mutters>

KELLOGG: I think what Vera means is, if he does need help, he needs help from professionals, not to be your rescue project.

ANA: I didn’t want to rescue him, but if he loved me, then I must love him back, mustn’t I?

VERA: Get a derg and tak it to the clerb

KELLOGG: I think what Vera’s saying is that unconditional love is for pets and their owners, not people.

ANA: I was just overwhelmed…

KELLOGG: We understand that Ana, and because we believe in getting professionals to offer help, Dr Kellerman and Dr Silverman will want to talk to you about your inner goddess. Can I get you a coffee?



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