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Picking the low hanging fruit

On the day when Ian Botham’s testicles, or someone else’s testicles misrepresented as Ian Botham’s, featured on Twitter it’s too good an opportunity not to make a joke about low hanging fruit.

In this case though, it’s not about who pressed which button on Twitter, but about another of Caroline Criado-Perez’s campaigns. Jem has written wisely about it here, and reminded me that I had a dig about it here.

So no need for me to have a rant about it all, since Jem got there first and did it better, leaving aside the odd bollocks joke from me. However, the idea that CC-P was picking the low hanging fruit rankled with me. So I decide to unpick that nagging sensation that the easy line didn’t quite fit.

Then it popped into my mind; the phrase was right but I’d got the grammar wrong. CC-P isn’t picking the low hanging fruit by targeting easy wins like getting mother’s names onto marriage certificates. She’s actually turned herself into the low hanging fruit, the easy target that can be picked off by those who have no real interest in equality, but who wish to fragment feminism and make it less effective. For the price of a few concessions, a change to some stationery here, a glib phrase there, all the difficult women, the ones whose privilege is non-existent and whose needs are greatest, are marginalized and pushed aside.

Like Ian Botham’s bollocks, the picture gets more unattractive the more you look at it.


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