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Cash card ingenuity

In my local ALDI this week they were selling some rather nice 7L tea urns for £29.99.
Not many people buy tea urns in ALDI.
They have three possible uses.
One is for making tea.
One is for preparing the ingredients of home made bio-fuels.
The third is as a cheap ingredient boiler for making home-brew.
The government thinks it can prevent people from buying non-essentials, like alcohol, by placing restrictions on what they buy with their benefits.
It’s a cretinous and foolish policy. If you don’t believe me, google turbo cider.
The idea that people won’t drink alcohol because they can’t buy it on their benefits card is simply hilarious. To make turbo you don’t even need a boiler. Will the government invent a cash card that stops you buying four litres of apple juice a week?
Jem is fond of muttering about milk tokens any time anyone mentions this cash card proposal.
I have my own view.
It’s not a policy about what you buy with your cash card.
It’s a policy about ghettoizing the poor. You’ll still be drinking alcohol, but you won’t be doing it in public view.

This blog was inspired by the inquiries into the death of Raymond Scott. Raymond lost his prison privileges after prison officers found a tub of home brew in his cell.


3 comments on “Cash card ingenuity

  1. sula
    October 3, 2014

    Horrific policy. Just hope its one of those, like stopping housing benefit for under 25’s that is more about political posturing than anything with a realistic chance of getting through Parliament. Same thing will happen as did with food stamps in the US in the 80’s. Less than scrupulous people, exploiting the poor and addicted, will offer to buy their full smart card’s worth of shopping at half price for ready cash to use at the offy. When there’s no money for actual food, well, we’re already getting used to that, and frankly I’d sometimes rather be back in the bliss of addiction and raiding tesco bins than even try and lead a ‘normal’, economically careful life under such extraordinarily stringent and oppresive terms as smart cards. Not that I’m recommending it of course, but to ‘absent’ yourself from normality does have its dark lure.


  2. elrondmiddleeng
    October 4, 2014

    I remember visiting a super market in Saudi on a construction site for a huge military city before the first Gulf War. I could not understand why there was so much grape juice on sale!


    • jemima2013
      October 4, 2014

      now you know lol I wouldnt have got the connection either to be honest, and if it shows why such cards practically wont work, even if morally you dont have an issue with them


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