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Ed’s not panicking

The news that the SNP is on course, according to various polls and febrile commentators, to win all but four seats in Scotland at the next General Election will be a source of great comfort to Ed Miliband.

Evidence of Miliband’s tactical genius is a little thin on the ground at the moment, but the prospect of the SNP holding the balance of power 2015 must be giving him cause to smile.

The genius of the position of a minority SNPin Scotland for years has been that they have not been tested; they’ve always had the Westminster alibi (London won’t let us) and the Dream of Salmond (It would all be perfect if we were independent) to allow them to deny responsibility for anything that isn’t quite right in Scotland, even when, as now, they’re actually running Scotland.

The thought of Nicola Sturgeon, or some such political minor celebrity, holding the power in May 2015 after an election that leaves no party with an overall majority is simply hilarious. Salmond would be a different kettle of fish, since his brazen talents would be ideally suited for coalition negotiations, but he has written himself out of the plot, leaving Sturgeon to play David Moyes to Salmond’s Alex Ferguson.

If that were the only benefit to Miliband then his smirk might be a little pained, since even he must know that the SNP will happily leap into any political bed that promises them more of what they want. In an ideal world Miliband must hope that his inept press and comms team will undergo a road to Damascus conversion and skewer the SNP between now and May with a barrage of questions about how they could possibly contemplate a coalition with the Tories, or even allowing the Tories into power by sitting on their hands.

Given how bad Miliband’s press and comms team is however, he may be hoping for the lesser bonus of seeing the priest ridden, right wing and intellectually bankrupt Scottish Labour party destroyed by the SNP, in the hope that something better can be built in its wake. Nothing could be better for Miliband than the hope that, just as coalition has destroyed the LibDems in England, so coalition might both destroy the SNP in Scotland, provide a healing dose of reality for the Labour movement north of the border, and allow him some breathing space to continue the process of healing Labour and finding a new politics that can take it forward.


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