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Ched Evan, #CONC and male entitlement.

CN for transphobia and mention of rape and misogony.

In case you had the good fortune to miss it cock or no cock was an exceptionally unpleasant bit of transphobia where people attempted to guess the genital configuration of someone from a face pic. Looking at the tag I wondered what kind of person thought they were entitled to comment on the bodies of strangers. I know the answer to my own question, the type of person who thinks they are entitled to the body of strangers.

The actions of Ched Evans are different only by degree to the actions of the people on #conc. Both believe that another persons body is theirs to abuse, either in word or deed. Transphobia is not just a sign of bigotry, it is an indicator of how pervasive rape culture is, and mens beliefs that the bodies of others are theirs to do with as they wish.


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