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#FoxNewsFacts and illegal snowmen.

#FoxNewsFacts has been one of the more fun excursions onto twitter so far this year, as people took the piss out of an expert on Fox news who it seems couldn’t even use google search. There is a serious side to it of course, the presenter setup Emerson to give his views, Pirro, as it says here, egged him on, suggesting that the Uk was under a caliphate. They both wanted to play on America’s isolation and lack of knowledge of other countries and fears of the Islamic other. So far, so fox news, with plenty to take the piss out of.

Except, I am left wondering how many of those laughing at Emerson shared without any sense of irony the story of the snowman fatwa? It has certainly made all the papers, those evil muslims denying children the chance to play. You can read the full fatwa here, and a discussion from an Arab paper here. The idea of idolatry may be amusing to some, but as I have said before it is hardly unique to Islam. Snowmen have not been declared illegal, or haram, guidance has been issued on how they can conform to the strict Saudi interpretation of Islam, guidance which includes how important it is children play and have fun. I wrote on Sunday of the danger of assuming someone is lesser than you because they are different. It is a lesson that daily it seems we have to relearn.


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