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No more page 3, part two

Here’s another superb blog Jem wrote about page 3 two years ago.

So there has been a certain amount of glee at the fact Rupert Murdoch has suggested he may change page three to something more twenty first century. Now I have written before of my objections to the classism and slut shaming of some of those involved with No More Page Three, but as always my objection is to the Sun, legitimizing it and in any way accepting this is a redeemable space.

So with the courage of the dammed I took  look at today’s website. Just to see what this bastion of anti sexism looks like.

A selection of ” Wardrobe malfunctions  obviously worthy of being on the first page, and in no way an invitation to perve over the breasts of women who unlike page three models did not consent to being pictured showing their nipples.

Pictures clearly taken with a long lens of a family holiday  breaking even the pre Leveson code of conduct on the photographing of children .

Woman defined by her sexual behaviour, treated as an object, and lots of pics to prove how outrageous it is.

These are just a quick selection of the stories they have selected as the most important of the day, and all are illustrated with scantily clad women. Page three is not an aberration in an otherwise acceptable publication. It will still slut shame, be racist, homophobic, transphobic, attack the poor, those with disabilities  That Murdoch sees money in getting rid of Page three is no surprise, the campaign has been very media savvy and in buying the line about The Sun being a “great family newspaper” rather than a pulsating bag of festering lies, slander and innuendo it is failing not only women but every person who has been on the end of its vile attacks.


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