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Speculative Saturday

It’s less than a hundred days to the General Election, and I’m bored already.

The political debate is so heavily triangulated, and so cautious, that it desperately needs some new input.

So here, on speculative Saturday, are three policies I would implement if I were Prime Minister on May 8th.

1. Raise the rate of VAT on advertising to 50%, specifically including printed materials distributed door to door. Call it the Takeaway menu tax, and, in conjunction, seek a European ruling that online advertising is taxed according to where the person placing the advert is domiciled, not where the advertiser is based.

2. Return to local councils, and extend to other public bodies, including local government pensions funds and hospital trusts, the right to issue bonds in their own name and raise funds directly from the public. Call it the granny bond proposal, since the bonds will be most attractive to cash rich savers.

3. Re-introduce the power of recall for MPs, and extend it to local councillors.

There, what would your policy be?


5 comments on “Speculative Saturday

  1. jemima2013
    February 7, 2015

    Parish councils in cities. I know, but hear me out! People feel too divorced from politics, as if they cannot make a difference, and being a councillor is a career move on the road to being an MP for many. If there were parish councils, with the same no party politics rules, in cities it would, i think get a whole new group of people involved in their neighbourhoods


    • cartertheblogger
      February 7, 2015

      There is one – Queens Park in London, and I would wholeheartedly support a general rule that parish council elections should outlaw the use of party descriptions on ballot papers, and outlaw party groups within parish councils.


      • jemima2013
        February 7, 2015

        Its vital i think, it should be about engagement in your community. I didnt know that about queens park, is that a historical left over?


        • cartertheblogger
          February 8, 2015

          Nope, it’s brand new – metropolitan areas can now be parished, if residents request it. New parishes have a chequered history though -there wasone in Newcastle (North Fenham?) that had a few issues….

          Liked by 1 person

          • jemima2013
            February 8, 2015

            well fenham…lol


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