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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars – Part Thirteen

VERA and KELLOGG are in the interview room. GREY and RUMPOLE sit opposite them. GREY’s paper suit is even more stained than previously, especially under the arms.

GREY: Don’t you guys do civil rights over here? I want a proper lawyer, not this has been.

KELLOGG: We’ve had a message from Mr Petrocelli. He’s having some trouble with building work apparently.

GREY: He doesn’t even object to being called a has been.

VERA: Idiots divn’t knaa shit from shoe polish.

RUMPOLE: I couldn’t agree more my dear lady.

GREY: What did she say?

KELLOGG: I think she thinks you may not be best placed to judge.

GREY: I know right from wrong. Are you people claiming you’ve never done anything wrong?

VERA: Not yet.

GREY: What?

VERA: Come near me with a whip and I’ll tak yer teeth out via the netty entrance faster than a radgie doon the Bigg Market with a skinfull.

GREY: Does she come with subtitles?

RUMPOLE: I think she is suggesting you should approach with care Mr Grey.

GREY: I don’t want to approach her – I want to go home.

KELLOGG: The sooner you work with us, the sooner that will be Christian.

The screen shimmers again; we can’t hear the voices,but we can hear the Teletubbies theme.


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