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Fifty Shades of Life onMars – Part Twelve

GENTLY and BACCHUS are in his car, driving across high hill country.

Around them are ruined buildings that look industrial, but from the distant past, smooth hewn stone covered in lichen and vegetation.

BACCHUS: What do you think we’re going to find here sir?

GENTLY: Nothing John, nothing but inspiration.

BACCHUS: What will you find here sir? There’s been no mining here for fifty years. I know they talk about re-opening it every five years or so when the price of lead goes up, but that’s just talk, like Lisa saying I can take the bairn on holiday one day.

GENTLY: I know John, but imagine if you were a rich man, one who jets in and out of countries and says he could do business if only the price is right. Where better to dispose of inconvenient facts than the entrance to the underworld?

BACCHUS: Do we know if anyone’s been here sir? Or if anyone’s missing?

GENTLY: Do you think we’d have been sent here otherwise John?

BACCHUS: I don’t like this way of working sir. I like it when you’re in charge. Those bloody women keep sending us off on wild goose chases, like it’s a punishment, not a possible lead.

GENTLY: Perhaps they’re trying to get us to see something John. Are we looking deep enough into Mr Grey? Or why he even calls himself Grey? Is something like this  one off? My experience says we never get them the first time. So where are the others?

BACCHUS: I’m starting to see Hunt’s point of view sir. We’re street bobbies being asked to do a job we’re not equipped for.

GENTLY: We’re all there is John. There are no heroes or supermen. Just us.

BACCHUS: No disrespect to you sir, but if I’m all there is…

GENTLY: Yes John, and knowing that is the secret we only tell ourselves, while we lie to the people out there that all these things can be neatly packaged up, that all you have to do is phone for bloody Z Cars and they’ll fix it in thirty minutes with time for a moral homily from Constable Dixon at the end. You ever work a case where someone can stand up at the end and say ‘Sleep tight’ at the end as if bad things will never happen again?

BACCHUS: I don’t know sir. I can’t even work out how Dixon was shot dead in the film but turned up alive in the TV series.

GENTLY: They can tell more porkies than we ever do John. We get judged by deeds, not by the stories we tell. Let’s go and see the local Dixon and see if he’s got any stories to tell about old mines and visitors.


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This entry was posted on February 11, 2015 by in Fifty Shades of Life on Mars.

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