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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars – Part Sixteen

GENTLY, BACCHUS, HUNT and KELLOG are sitting in the canteen.

HUNT: So I get you’re not happy George,but why?

GENTLY: We feel like it’s been a wild goose chase Gene.

BACCHUS: Speak for yourself sir, I love driving round in the wilderness with no idea what we’re looking for.

HUNT: Come on George.If it looks like a weirdo, and talks like a weirdo, then look for the bodies.

BACCHUS: All back to Gene’s place then guv?

KELLOGG: Enough boys.I know you’re not local to Northumberland George.What do they call those bits of Northumberland John?

BACCHUS: No idea ma’am…

KELLOG:The debatable lands John. Debatable because they could be in Scotland or England depending on who was asking and who was fighting, and debatable because its fairy country, between the living and the dead.

BACCHUS: Fairies?

HUNT: Ignore him George. Think about all the psychopaths you’ve known George. Where would someone like him dispose of the bodies?Where better to hide people who’re missing but not officially dead?

GENTLY: What if he’s not a psychopath? What if he’s just an angry child who should have been told no?

KELLOGG: We’re none of us strangers to death George, but this man is evil – take it from me, there will be more.


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