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No platform or a right to a platform?

Most people know where we stand on no platform, and on the right of organizations not to have to host people they don’t agree with. The comments thread underneath this article at Ladiyfest features some of the usual suspects, making some of the usual points, but missing the basic point.

No-one has a right to have an audience, or a platform. If people don’t want to hear you, they have the right to say so. No-one has the right to have a column in the Guardian, a blog at the New Statesman or a regular seat on the Radio 4 ‘invite a bitter bigot’ list of shame.

If I said, this morning, let’s boycott Chelsea until they sort out the problem of the racism and anti-semitism of their fans, and let’s get them banned from TV until they do, would anyone besides Chelsea fans object? (Something very similar is, of course, part of the range of sanctions UEFA can deploy against Chelsea.)

Why is that so difficult?


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