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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars- Part Eighteen

GREY is pacing the length of a cell. His paper overalls are tatty and disheveled; for the first time his hair appears unkempt and he is unshaven. We see HUNT and KELLOGG looking through the door at him. They both turn away and go along the corridor, to where it opens out into the CID room. All the team are there, and there are bottles of beer and whisky on desks. RESNICK is sitting to one side, drinking coffee, while the others seem to be celebrating. HUNT bangs on a desk.

HUNT: Come on you cowboys, shut it a minute and let the boss speak.

KELLOGG: I know it’s been a tough one, and I know some of you, like George and John, have been on a wild goose chase, but you know how these cases work. It’s not as easy as open and shut – we have to give them chance to save themselves -we just make the time and the place possible for them to find a way to do that. Thank you all, for now, unless we find some bodies, case closed.

The camera tracks back out to the corridor, and then to the cells, where we see GREY curled up in a foetal position on the bed in his cell,and RUMPOLE walking away, a small man in a battered hat and a coat that looks too large for him.The light intensifies around him, and we move seamlessly to the hospital ward. VERA is sitting by ANA’s bedside, story telling. ANA is lying on her side, not her back, and the sheets are disordered.

VERA: The maid could do little except sit by the window, embroidering, and hoping that her kindness and politeness during the day, and her compliance in the bed chamber at night, could change the old man. How was the maid to know, that on the night when his heart gave out as he abused her, and she felt guilty about her relief, his family would accuse her of witchcraft and see her condemned to death for casting the spell that took his life.

BROOK: I’ve got to say Vera, it’s not exactly a cheerful tale to bring someone back from a coma or beyond.

VERA: You can’t just make them up as you go along Brook. What’s the news?

BROOK: They’ve isolated the cause. Apparently, she’s got septicaemia from a branding on her buttocks – stupid behaviour, but she incubated the infection for about thirty six hours and suddenly, wham, she’s at death’s door. Just a matter now of if her organs shut down, or if she can fight back.

Brook walks away, and Vera returns to story telling.

VERA: The maid of Benwell was taken to the old gaol in the heart of Hexham, and there the gaoler invited her to choose a confessor before her execution.

The camera tracks backwards, the screen filling with white light. We see, through the light, Hunt walking into a car park with Gently and Bacchus.


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