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Fifty Shades of Life on Mars – Part Nineteen

BROOK and VERA are standing outside the hospital ward. BROOK is holding a manila file.

BROOK: I hate doing death knocks. This one must be the worst ever though.

VERA: I can do it for you if you want…

BROOK: Nah, you’ve done so much, and made such a commitment…

They both go through the door, and into the ward. ANA is sitting up in bed.

BROOK: It’s good to have you back with us Ana. The doctors thought it was touch and go for a while.

ANA: Thank you. I feel odd, spaced out.

BROOK: That’s to be expected. Unfortunately I have some bad news for you.

ANA: Bad news?

BROOK: Yes, I’m afraid so. We haven#t pieced all this together, but after you left your husband at thehotel, he appears to have met with an accident.

ANA: An accident…

BROOK: Yes, we think it was a sex game gone wrong- we found him with a suspension injury. He’s been in the trauma centre here, but this morning the decision was taken, by a judge, since you were unable to take it, to turn off the life support systems. He passed away four hours ago. The likely coroner’s verdict is auto erotic asphyxiation. Given your adventurous sexual histories it seems a likely verdict.

ANA: He’s dead?

VERA: He was brain dead before he got here, but we had to check. For five days you’ve been up here – at first, we didn’t connect you because you gave an assumed name to the refuge, but now we understand.

ANA: How can you understand?

VERA: You’re not the first or the last….

ANA: What happens now?

BROOK: You stay here until the doctors say that you’re free of the infection.

ANA: But Christian…his funeral…

BROOK: When you’re stronger there are lawyers who want to talk to you about inheritance and soon, but for now, you’re still a patient, and you stay here…


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This entry was posted on February 22, 2015 by in Fifty Shades of Life on Mars.

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