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The Tefloon challenge

If you hang round twitter you’ll be aware that various Tefloon’s (a Tefloon is like a Terf but the noise is more irritating) demanding that Owen Jones perform cunnilingus on a trans male to make an obscure point about biology and gender.

I’m a socialist, not a feminist, and unlike Owen Jones I don’t occupy the kind of media platform some of the tefloons covet. No-one seems to give a shit who I go down on, or who goes down on me.

I have been too busy this week to worry about whether Owen Jones has taken on the cunnilingus challenge or not. A chunk of my week has been spent trying to unpick the mess that is the Childcare Disqualification Regulations of 2009.

You’re entitled to wonder what the link is.

The non-teaching workforce in schools and childcare workplaces is predominantly female. In late 2014 the government issued a re-interpretation of regulations originally issued on 2009, which meant that workers in childcare environments could be banned from working, without any warning, if anyone they lived with had a conviction for a serious offence, even if that conviction was otherwise considered spent.

On 26th February 2015 new guidance was issued, which changed the guidance issued in October 2014. Workers who were suspended in October and November suddenly found that under the February guidance they should never have been suspended. Everyone I have dealt with has been female. Everyone I have dealt with has suffered real financial hardship.

Meanwhile the tefloons, everyone a self proclaimed defender of women’s rights, have been obsessed with the anatomical complexities of the people Owen Jones will go down on.

I guess I might fail the tefloon challenge, or pass it or be considered irrelevant because I don’t occupy a position the tefloons want. I do not give a fucking shit what they think. Not because I disagree with them, or because X or Y or Z, but because their frame of reference has got absolutely zero relevance to the world I work in, which isn’t about anatomy, or biology, but about workers rights in a country where, increasingly, the law appears capricious, unjust and simply chaotic.


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