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AS the attacks on non normative sexuality continue apace, now it seems being pierced has been added to the list of things “good girls” dont do. Anyone who erases consent in the way the new department of health guidelines do is clearly driven by ideology, an ideology which sacrifices the genuine victims of FGM in order to make a point about being squicked by body modifications.

I found my diary entry from the day I was pierced, I challenge you to read it and claim I am a victim of genital mutilation.

There are three pictures that sum up yesterday, laughter, subspace and giving my Master pleasure. However as they are all facepics I am afraid that mere words are going to have to capture what was a perfect day. Words seem so in eloquent though, how to capture the way my feet dragged as we headed towards the piercing parlour? Or the fact I almost got the giggles at the paddington like hard stare my master gave me when i expressed my incredulity at the fact we were sitting in a greasy spoon discussing politics minutes before i would be submitting my body to him on a piercers table.

Can words capture the relaxed friendliness of “our piercer” or my wetness as I held my cunt open for him to examine my labia? The pain was much less than I anticipated, I barely swore, I did however orgasm, both on the table and after we left the shop, where my Masters hand was needed to steady me and I rejoiced in the way his hand enveloped mine, guiding me as a concerned parent leads a tired child.

AS we drove back I honestly began purring, my breasts exposed, my new piercings throbbing and bleeding and intensely beautiful. But the day was not, as I thought, over. As i stood before him naked, surrounded by trees, the soothing sound of running water the perfect soundtrack, I was in a state of bliss, only one thing could make me feel happier, and then he offered his cock to me and falling to my knees, perfection was achieved.

Words fly away from me, not able to capture the memories that tumble through my mind, one provoking another, leading onto a third, and I will never forget the look of pleasure and contentment on his face as I tasted his cock.


5 comments on “Piercing

  1. John
    March 20, 2015

    This does sound like genital mutilation as part of domestic abuse dressed up as BDSM. No reasonable person could say otherwise.


    • cartertheblogger
      March 20, 2015

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.The fact that you presume you can define what a reasonable person ‘must’ think suggests you are not the most reasonable person we might engage with. In fact, you probably should be described as a troll with delusions of power. Far more delusions of power than those of us who build our lives around consent and debate.


      • The Troll
        March 21, 2015

        Haven’t you admitted to being a cock sucker before though?


        • jemima2013
          March 27, 2015

          hmmm what an odd question to ask on a blog run by a sex worker and a bi man….


    • jemima2013
      March 21, 2015

      if you are such a reasonable person reply with your real name and address, since you are claiming not to be a troll.


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