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No, that’s not a title for a romcom featuring George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston.

It’s not about guys who don’t want to get married either.

I was talking to a friend the other day about the way some guys behave when they’re in a sexually opportune environment.

SOE is a euphemism. We’re talking about a sauna, a cottage, an adult cinema or even, in one memorable moment, a house party in a flat in a block of council flats.

Some guys plunge straight into such occasions and do the panda; they eat, the shoot and they leave.

Other guys though struggle to do the panda. Instead they make the occasion last as long as possible, moving from encounter to encounter, delaying their orgasm even to the point where another retreat from the edge means they lose their erection. They lurk at the back wall behind the urinals, stroking themselves, ignoring each guy who comes in hoping ghe next one will be better, taking themselves to the edge and repeating, hoping that this will be the time, the occasion.

If you like cocks, and you like making stiff cocks ejaculate, men who can only get half an erection aren’t the most fun you’ve ever had. I have the memory of being on my knees, above a very close friend, wondering whether there’s any point in continuing to suck something with all the energy and stiffness of a smart price sausage at room temperature.

It was talking these experiences through with a friend that an insight arose. In every SOE I’ve ever been in there are the guys who prowl constantly, flying Dutchmen of gay sex, doomed never to rest, and never to come while fully erect. I realised that they’re terrified to commit to the encounter they’re having, for fear of missing out on the next person to arrive, the next person to become available, the one who might be more desirable,more kinky, more perfect than the one who wants you now.

The pandas are the guys who are happy with what they experience, the moment and the opportunity, sure that there will be another occasion if only they don’t try too hard.

Commitmentphobes, on the other hand, might be doomed to roam forever, never resting.



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