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Lying about the election, part one

The Coalition Guardian has lied about the outcome of the first election interview special, in order to benefit its preferred outcome, which is five more years of austerity.
That’s evident from the news judgement it made to declare at the top of its post event story that David Cameron won by a margin of 54% to 46%.

Dig down into the story and you’ll discover that that’s the number only when don’t knows are excluded. The real numbers present a much prettier picture for Ed Miliband.

At the very bottom of the story we discover these figures;

46% felt that Cameron had the best arguments, as against 44% who said the same of Miliband.

Cameron was also judged slightly more convincing – by 48% to 43% – and to have the more appealing personality, by 46% to 42%. He chalked up a clearer win on “actually answering the questions asked”, by 44% to 37%.

David Cameron retains his lead as best prime minister in this survey – but by a smaller margin than in many past polls – he is preferred on this count by 48% as against just 40% for Miliband.

That’s a much more nuanced story than the headlines reveal; the Guardian’s editorial judgement is, once again, proving deeply suspect.


One comment on “Lying about the election, part one

  1. Alex
    March 28, 2015

    Can you be sure this was deliberate? Guardian journalists aren’t exactly sharp.


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